Pre lit review

Bryce’s scaffolding is good, Calvin’s needs more detail, Laurisha is pivoting to looking at UIs and usability (good! Early in the project), possibly tying in with annotations, selection and relating to things in a catalogue. Literature review should also talk about usability and how we evaluate said usability (especially for scientific software!).
At some point we’ll need to decide how to split proposal once we have all decided our exact focus.

Think about 3D overlays (have people done this before, has it worked?). At this point best move is to find something cool that hasn’t been done or evaluated before, do and evaluate it.

Calvin should focus on analysis and statistics of volumetric regions and how to select those regions etc. So during literature review look for examples from all disciplines that allow for extraction and manipulation of subregions, see what kind of data can be found.

Conference a good source, look over notes and see what we can learn.


Due 19-08

  • Calvin’s updated scaffolding
  • Laurisha has more time as she’s pivoting

Due Friday-ish

  • First draft of Literature Review, Michelle will do one thorough criticism before final draft is due.