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Infrastructure engineer at Memrise, hit me up if you want to know what it's like to work here.

Before that I was a backend engineer at Luno, working mostly in Go (which, IMHO, is a pretty great language), and used to run the Go Cape Town Meetup, new members always welcome, speakers even more so, send them a message.

Did some Hackathons: won Luno's crypto hackathon solo, and participated as an individual in #hackbehaviour and with a team for an insurance hackathon.

Mantain a small static site for She is Strong, helping however I can.

Have an Honours degree from the University of Cape Town in Computer Science and Bachelors in Computer Science and Computer Games Development.

Completed internships at Facebook (twice), Amazon and BrandsEye.

Used to be chairperson of the UCT Dev Soc, a tutor for the Computer Science Department and did some freelance work for the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute.


Details of my Honours project (in collaboration with the Astronomy department at UCT) can be found here.

My github profile has random examples of code, some highlights include:

  • Group visualization project on YouTube trend data: see it here, code here
  • Site created for the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute during my first year at University: try it here, (code not public)


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